Vines Restaurant is more than just a place to eat. An inviting environment with a relaxed atmosphere, a delicious seasonal menu, great wine, craft beer & one cracker of a view.
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3483 Golden Highway
Jerrys Plains NSW 2330
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Something Sweet

Desserts & Cheese

Tastes of raspberry
$ 16.00

Raspberry cheesecake, raspberry sorbet, fresh raspberries & raspberry coulis

$ 16.00

Hollydene shiraz poached Pear, white chocolate mousse, caramel jelly

$ 16.00

Lime brulee, hazelnut biscotti, Frangelico cream, lemon sorbet

Trio of Ice Cream & Gelato
$ 16.00


Macadamia Affogato
$ 16.00

Shot of espresso, Vanilla bean ice cream, crushed macadamias Frangelico, Hollydene Muscat or Verdelho Liqueur

Hunter Cheese Board
$ 29.00

Black magic garlic soft cheese Triple Briebelle Blue belle / semi hard

Smokey Cheese Board
$ 29.00

Leak ash brie Smoked Hunter belle cheddar Served Smokey

Cheese boards served with drunken figs, dried fruit, nuts, grapes and lavosh

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